Meet Jenny

As the mother of seven children, toddler to teen, and the wife of a retired Major League Baseball player, her life is anything but conventional and always good for laugh.

With a lifestyle that involves an abundance of both travel and tears, she’s learned that a sense of humor combined with a great pair of jeans and a shred of organization can help overcome everyday parenting puzzlers. With a Bachelors in Journalism and a Masters in Education/Child Development, she’s had her nose in enough books to eloquently write about the solutions to temper tantrums and how to re-do a family friendly laundry room on a budget with a few simple style tips and a lot of sass.


our story


After an evacuation from Florida to Tennessee during Hurricane Irma, my husband, Nolan and I, fell in love with Franklin and the serene, country lifestyle that this charming town offered our seven children. Within months, our supersized family traded the beach for farm living and settled into a home with a heartwarming history.

Nolan had recently retired from Major League Baseball, and a move to the country represented the next phase of our lives.... Daddy being home all year, clean country living and an all around more simple lifestyle. Little did we know that opportunity would come knocking just a few short weeks later when we were approached to shoot an episode of Property Brothers.

What we thought would just be an exciting day filming led to an explosion of possibilities for interior design with new neighbors offering to hire me for my family friendly and functional approach to design.

With a feature in House Beautiful, a writing contract with HGTV, a few high profile clients under my belt and being announced as HomeGoods "Style Expert," my design career was officially launched.

While it has been an exciting series of developments that I feel very blessed and fortunate to have, nothing is more important to me that using my good fortunate to advocate on behalf of adoption and foster care. As an adoptive parent, I'm passionate about bringing awareness to the process of adoption and the needs of children in foster care. While I'm grateful to be able to design beautiful bedrooms for these special children, I'm more hopeful that our family's journey will inspire others to explore this amazing experience.

So if you like interior design and babies coupled with a healthy dose of mom humor, this is the place for you!

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