Welcome to Mommy Mayhem!

Welcome to Mommy Mayhem! As a parenting survivalist and style voyager, my life with seven children is anything but ordinary or conventional. What once began as witty social media posts about my then life as a single mother ten years ago, has now blossomed to include my life as the wife of a professional baseball player, mother of seven and my attempt at keeping it all together with humor and style. Although I have both a Bachelors in Journalism and a Master’s in Education/Child Development, with six children of my own, ranging from teenagers to toddlers and a newly adopted African American newborn son, no amount of training could have prepared me for the life I live now! Managing a large family, much of it on the road, is very much a “sink or swim” lifestyle. The success and failures of my parenting, style and travel adventures have really come from a lot of trial and error methods coupled with the mothering of some very distinct personalities. The popularity in describing this “goat show” led to hosting televised parenting segments on local TV morning shows. With a little encouragement from friends and an abundance of material, Mommy Mayhem, the blog, was born.

Photo credit: Chad Martel Photography

Much of what I have learned is through learning to see the humor in my life while lowering my expectations. Sometimes, I can make the Pinterest craft for the homeroom party and other days, it’s enough that my children are safe, warm and fed. Follow along this journey as I offer tips on everything from surviving airline travel with toddlers to the best styles to hide your mom pooch!