Suburban Mom Glam - My Signature Make Up Look

Whether you’re headed to the office or chaperoning the field trip in your yoga pants, my signature “suburban mom glam” makeup look has you covered. Despite currently driving a 12 passenger van, at one time in my life, I conducted Super Bowl red carpet interviews. Now that I’m enjoying a second tour of duty in the media spotlight, I’m relying on some of my classic favorites and a few new products to achieve my everyday look.


I have no shame in my beauty game…whether it’s from the drug store, a department store or home sales, I buy what looks best and what I notice people compliment on.  I’m not a 25-year-old beauty blogger getting paid to promote what is sent to me; I’m just a mom of seven with a permanent mask of pregnancy and chin hairs who wants to look like I’ve got it together on days where I definitely don’t.

Daily Moisturizer with SPFJan Marini Antioxidant Daily Skin Protectant Moisturizer

I have used this since college when a dermatologist recommended it. You can actually buy Jan Marini products off Amazon much cheaper than in salons. I use this every single morning before my foundation because it’s very light and has a wonderful citrus type smell. $51

Miracle Skin Care Secret– Obagi Vitamin C Serum

I wrote a blog post based solely around this miracle product. I use this after moisturizer and before foundation. I find that it has reduced the fine lines around my lips, lightened my mask of pregnancy and just gives my face a really healthy glow. You can read “My 3 Must Have Daily Skin Products” here to learn more or buy it by clicking here. I get the same product from Amazon as I do from my esthetician and never had any problems with quality...its the exact same thing. This is worth the investment for your skin! $93

Also, for pigmenting issues and acne, check out the blog post I did with famed Nashville plastic surgeon, Dr. Brian Biesman. In the post, Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation Treatments, I talk about my two favorite Obagi creams that I cannot live without.


There are three that I really love and all for different reasons…and all three I apply with a foundation brush and then blend with a damp beauty blender.

Marc Jacobs Shameless Youthful Look - 24 Hour and NARS Radiant Longwear Foundation.

I alternate between these two each week depending on whether I have a little color or if I’m a bit paler. Both of these foundations are full coverage, last all day and do a great job of hiding imperfections. I wear LIGHT- Y270 in Marc Jacobs ($46) and Patagonia in Nars ($49.) I’ll add that I travel with the Marc Jacobs bottle because its plastic which I love!

The third foundation that I have used for years is Younique Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation. I use this one when I feel like my face needs a break from heavier makeup or when I’m just running errands. I honestly originally bought this to help a friend’s new business and as a total beauty snob, can tell you that I love their foundation. It’s a dewy light foundation that somehow dries to this magical, velvety light foundation-type powder. I don’t know how to explain it any better but I can tell you that I get a lot of compliments on my skin. This would be great for women who don’t need or want to feel like that have a full face on everyday. I use Taffeta when I’m tan, Velour when I’m paler and put a few drops of each when I’m in between. I have ordered no less than 10 bottles. $39

Concealer- TEMPTU Concealer Wheel and Tarte Creaseless Concealer in Light Sand.

The Temptu Concealer was recommended to me by my friend, Melissa Schliecher, who also happens to be Carrie Underwood’s full time makeup artist. I love this color wheel because I can choose from a variety of colors and even use the darkest as a contour (which I only do if I’m going out or have a special event.)

For days when I’m putting on a full face, I love Tarte’s Creaseless Concealer. For me, it doubles as both concealer and highlighter so I put it under my eyes, between my eyes, in the center of my forehead, a dab on my chin and a little down my laugh lines. I like the coverage, creaminess and how easy it is to blend…and the face that it doesn’t sit in my wrinkes.

Bronzer   - MAC Mineralize Skin Finish and Too Faced Chocolate Gold Bronzer

Growing up on the beaches of Florida, I’m a sucker for the year-round, sun kissed glow look thus I’ve experimented with every bronzer there is. Of all the ones I’ve tested, Mac’s Mineralize Skin Finish is my blue ribbon winner. The Vitamin E mixed with the minerals allows it to be brushed on to the skin for a bronzer or buffed all over for a sheer polish. All six colors have a golden glow to them that actually leave just a tad bit of a shimmer to your skin. My go to color is Global Glow. $34

The Too Faced bronzer I actually use more of as a contour to make my face look thinner. I apply this just under my cheekbones, along my hairline, under my jawbone and just a touch on my nose. Tap the brush before you apply this because it can come on a little strong but it smells like chocolate so all is forgiven. $30

ContourAnastasia Beverly Hills    

From the woman who made full eyebrows a trend again, the ABH Contour kit doesn’t disappoint. It’s a six palette color kit that has everything from a highlighter to the darker cheek counter. I use the Light to Medium color but it also comes in Medium to Tan for darker skin tones. $40


Blush- Nars and MAC

For the higher end makeup lovers, the makeup industry's most popular blush color, NARS Orgasm, is a peachy glow that works on nearly every skin color. Their ever popular DESIRE is a youthful pink that I wear on top of my bronzer for a little extra color. I really love any of the MAC blushes too..I usually wear Dainty or Happy Go Rosy.


If you look in many of my professional or IPhone close up photos, there’s a golden glow to my cheeks…. it’s this…Urban Decay’s Illuminate powder. It comes in three colors and has the perfect amount of shimmer to it where it actually highlights with tiny little flecks of color and iridescence. If I don’t have time for a full face, I’ll still use this because it really does give my skin a youthful glow. I have all three colors but I prefer Aura. $30. (This used to be in Sephora but is sold out. You can get it at Nordstrom and its worth every penny.)

EyeshadowToo Faced Natural (Daily) and Anastasia Soft Glam Palette

I have three makeup drawers full of different palettes but my recommendation is the goof proof Too Faced Natural for daily wear. You can just go straight across the three colors and use the darker color on a wet angled brush for eyeliner. This is my go to look. For my makeup challenged friends, you can just start at the lightest color for your highlight and base and go straight across for the crease, corner, under eye liner and upper lid liner. I just love the pigment of each color and how well they blend together.

I also love the Anastasia Soft Glam Palette. Again, two of my celebrity makeup artists friends swear by this one for so many of country music’s most popular female stars. This has both mattes and shimmer which I love for a little bit more glam, a work day or a night out!

 Eyeshadow BrushesMAC Brushes

There are really only two particular brushes that I swear by as long as all of the other brushes are not synthetic. An angled eyeliner brush, like MAC’s Small Angled Brush and the 219 Pencil Brush are my two secret weapons for my eyes. I can use just about any brush for my lid and crease but for the corner V that I blend out and for the little bit of color that I use under my eye, I NEED the pencil brush. It’s great for placement and smudging. I NEVER use a traditional eyeliner pencil; I dampen my angled brush and dip it in the darkest color on my palette for eyeliner. I then take the pencil brush and after using it for the outer corners, I dampen it, take my crease color and smudge that under my eye. Its less harsh than liner and really gives your eye a casual smoky effect without coming off too strong. Pencil brush is $25; angled brush is $20. Invest in your brushes and DON'T buy synthetic. There is a definite difference in the application and blending.


 Lipstick -

I’m a nude lip type of girl so here are my three favorites:

Charlotte Tilbury KimKW

MAC Creme d’nude

MAC Blankety

 Self Tanning Elite Look Productions Tanning Mousse and Spray Tan

Who doesn’t love a golden glow? Now that everyone is aware of the dangers of the sun and tanning beds, self tanners are really the only way to get all over color without the risk of skin cancer. After years of using Elite Look Productions Self Tanning Mousse ($30), I broke down and bought the entire spray tan kit. For $300, you get the spray tan gun, a tent, one gallon of solution and a how-to video. My husband or my teenage daughter spray me in the shower and I have often sprayed my daughter and several of her friends for cheerleading competitions. If my husband can do this, anyone’s significant other can. If we can entrust these men to drive our children in cars, then surely we can hope that can operate a spray tan gun. (In every professional photo on my blog, I am using Elite Look Productions mousse or spray tan.)

*This can also be a business opportunity for women. ELP has a consultant program where you buy the kit and can start your own business. I know a few baseball wives who have done this to bring in a little extra cash during the year. Think of the opportunities during prom and homecoming season! Partner with a cheer gym or fitness gym to build business or host girls' nights, bachlorette parties or wedding party specials.