Giving is ALWAYS in style. Buy the dress - 100% of proceeds go to charity.

Guilt free shopping!! Not only is this the place where I found my favorite summer dress, Philanthropy donates 100% of ALL of their online sales to charity in addition to 10% of their retail sales. If you want to see a company making a difference in the world, check them out!

I came across their boutique shopping just outside of Nashville. I was just hoping to find a cute dress and instead, I fell in love with a company that has donated close to $813,000 in global charities. Philanthropy has created empowerment projects for women in South Africa, fought for water and education of the Sudanese people by digging wells and building a school, promoted initiatives that train the homeless and assisted the children in the US foster care system. Perhaps the charity I was most impressed with, being the adoptive mother of an African American baby, is the work they do in Haiti, providing sanctuary for orphans , reuniting families and training those ageing out of the system in manufacturing, farming and construction.


Unlike anything I've ever seen in any retail store, Philanthropy had a prayer wall where shoppers could write down their requests for the community to pray for. This is also on their website. I love the fact that this organization prides itself on its Christian beliefs and incorporates that into their boutiques.

Do the world a favor and go shopping! This is such a wonderful place to buy gifts and clothing...a little something for you and a big something for someone else!

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