The Perfect Lilly Romper for the Active Mom

There are three style functions I look for in purchasing rompers:

1. When I bend over, are my lady parts fully covered?

2. If I child pulls on my shirt, could anything else come with it?

3. Can I chase after the dog, run down a toddler and still look presentable if a teacher needs to "speak to me for a second" when picking up my kids from school?

This Lilly Pulitzer Klea Off the Shoulder romper ($128) passed all of my active mom tests and successfully found a place in my romper rotation. My favorite part is that it comes in three colors, Indigo All a Glow, Amethyst One Too Many and my color shown, Coral Reef I'm So Jelly. (Who doesn't love those names?)

Just look at the full bottom coverage on this romper as I bend down at the Ernest Hemingway Museum to coax seven-toed cats out from behind this tree. I may have wasted $72 on an educational museum to have my children just want to see the cats but my outfit was money well spent.

In the moment of quickly repositioning myself to protect my kid from an unknown hissing cat, I grabbed a hold of my falling baby to find that this Lilly romper's shoulder strap protected the tourists from an unexpected mammary show. Strategically placed straps to hold everything in the right place...a style secret I sincerely appreciate.

The elastic waistline lets you adjust the romper to where you're most comfortable so I of course, hid the mom pooch to make it a little blousy. This romper gives you the comfort of yoga pants but the look of Lilly!

From left: Coral Reef I'm so Jelly, Indigo All a Glow and Amethyst One Too Many