My 3 Must Have Daily Skin Products... My Recipe for Glowing Skin

I grew up in Florida so I did quite a bit of sun damage to my skin in my younger days. I also have a fabulous mask of pregnancy mustache that never went away. If you have one of these, you know how nice your stache looks in the sun or when you wear pink lipstick. I also have some hyper-pigmented spots that I thought were also pregnancy gifts but as it turns out, those appear to be age spots. When I tried to take care of this double whammy at the dermatologist's office, I had an extreme reaction to the numbing cream which rendered my spots permanent...or so I thought.....

Obagi Vitamin C  was ironically first recommended to me by my OB/GYN who also owns a medical day spa. I joked that through 15 years of delivering my babies, he never aged, yet I did. He and his wife, also a doctor and my neighbors, recommended Vitamin C drops for my skin. I always say that this is my "magic potion" when people comment on my skin. The concentrated drops help to reduce fine lines and then it tones and brightens your skin. This really does work! I had little lines around my lips that I hated; these have become less noticeable now. My mask of pregnancy has faded and I have an overall dewiness that I didn't have before. I put this on BEFORE my moisturizer and foundation in the morning and the added benefit is that it makes my makeup go on much smoother! (These come in various percentages. I first started at 10% and then I went to 15%. You can buy this at med spas and doctor's offices but I found them cheaper on Amazon....and there as been no difference in quality. Just click on the link above and click "one time purchase.")

The second product I swear by is Image Skincare Ormedic Balancing Antioxidant Serum. I bought this after an amazing facial at another medical day spa and have continued to buy it since. After I wash my face before going to bed, I liberally apply this all over my face and neck. This botanical serum restores a perfect moisture level to your face leaving it hydrated (in a non-oily way) and dewy. I feel like my face glows after I put it on and it really does feel like a cold drink of water for my also smells wonderful which is a bonus. (They also have a great Lip Enhancement Complex if you're prone to dry and cracked lips from hot or cold weather and need a little collagen boost. This one is also one I continue to reorder. )

The third and final product in my trilogy of skin care, and the one I feel has contributed to its overall appearance, is the Jan Marini Skin Research Antioxidant Face Protectant. I have been using this daily moisturizer with SPF since my early 20s and even after trying other things, it is still my all time favorite. I use this daily and when people ask me what I use for my skin, this is always what I mention first! It has a great citrus smell that reminds me of summer and my skin feels light and airy after I apply it. I used to get it in my doctor's office but now, like everything else in the world, I buy it off Amazon much cheaper. 

***Jan Marini also makes a great bioglycolic cream cleanser that I use two to three times a week to keep my skin smooth even during my most hormonal times. (It has glycolic acid in it so you don't want to use this everyday.) I also buy it for my teenagers because it really does help with pimples and blackheads. It's a deep cleanser that eliminates the need for toners and astringents...I hate adding extra alcohol on my face because it dries it out so much. For a daily wash, I use Obagi's Nu-Derm Gentle Cleanser. I have HIGHLY sensitive skin (allergic to almost everything) and I just love that this is line was created for aging skin. It is formulated especially to help with improving the dullness and texture of the skin.)