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Foster Kindness : The Movement to Support Adoption and Foster Care

“I can’t believe that all of these people helped me and they didn’t even know me or my baby. Tell them thank you and I love them.” – 15 year old, teenage mother in foster care

These grateful words were spoken to me after the outpouring of love and graciousness shown to the needs of a teenage mother and her baby visiting our family for the weekend. What I learned from this collective demonstration of goodwill is that people WANT to help children in these situations but often don’t know how. Foster care children are an underserved population of children in our community. While we all can’t adopt or foster a child, we can support those families and organizations that do. Join the #fosterkindness movement by volunteering your time , coordinating services for foster/adopted children or financially supporting the cause that inspires you.

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Are There Any Words Capable of Comforting Your Child’s Birth Mother?

Last night, I received a sweet message from a friend considering the adoption process. She wanted to know, “What makes a birth mother happy post placement?” I thought that this was such a thoughtful question that isn’t addressed enough. While every birth mother is different, I felt it may be helpful to share our story and what I personally felt obligated to promise my son’s birth mother.

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Adopting Outside of Our Race : What People Want to Know and What Some Are Afraid to Ask

“Momma, do you think the baby will know he’s adopted? He has curly hair like me and tiny toes like Charlotte so I don’t think he will even know.”


These innocent words were spoken by my five-year-old, blonde, curly haired daughter in reference to her newly adopted, African American baby brother. This sweet statement is such a profound reminder that we are more alike than we are different and that humans were born to love and be loved.

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