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The Keys Vacation that Never Disappoints - Hawks Cay & Islamorada

I am a mother to seven children and the wife of a giant, unorganized child so going on vacation often feels like a business trip. After booking the trip and packing everyone, I then have to plan the activities of the day with a baby in tow in addition to activities for my teenagers, school aged children and my toddlers. Finding a vacation destination that works for everyone is a huge challenge but there is one place we return to year after year and that's Hawk’s Cay in the Florida Keys.

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Hawk's Cay...The Keys Resort that Never Disappoints

Vacationing with children is work; showering alone is a vacation. With seven children, ranging from newborn to 15, finding a family vacation destination that is relaxing for me but works for toddlers, elementary aged, tweens and teens is a challenge I have failed at many times. I feel like I come home from vacation and need my own vacation to want to be around my family again. There is however once place that I return to year after year….Hawk’s Cay in the Florida Keys.

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