The 6 New Mom Must Have Baby Products from a Mother of 7

Whether you’re a first time mom, expecting another baby or you’re looking for the perfect baby gift, I can promise you that after having seven babies, these products are essential for bringing home a new baby! I have directly linked each and every product for your convenience and with several available on Amazon, you can Prime it and have them in two days! If you have any specific questions or review suggestions, be sure to comment below.

1. Fisher Price Rock n Play

After having seven babies, there is one product and baby gift that I recommend above any other baby product on the market…the Fisher Price Rock N Play Sleeper. I have used this with my last three babies and I only wish this had been available for other four. This sleeper positions children on their backs at an incline to help them sleep better (which is why I love this more than a traditional bassinet.)  The supportive seat is extra deep so it allows the baby to feel sung and for me, eliminated the need to swaddle. The pad comes off easily and I can just throw it in the wash for a quick clean. There’s an added vibrating feature for additional soothing and a 3-point restraint for safety. Children can sleep in this until they start rolling over or pulling up so mothers can get a good several months of use out of it. These are so amazing that I have TWO of these in my house…I keep one in my room next to our bed and one in our family room so I’m not constantly carrying these from room to room or up and down the stairs! They also fold so easily that I bring them with us when we travel by car.  If you’re looking for your baby’s first sleep solution, this is IT! (Fisher Price has some other great newborn products that you can find here.)

2.     Boppy Nursing Pillow and Positioner

The Boppy is another essential new mom must have. Not only do I use these as support to breastfeed babies, I also love them because my toddlers can wrap them around their waist to hold babies with supervision. When babies are big enough, you can prop them up on their backs, turn them over on it for supported tummy time and it’s a great safety cushion when babies can sit up on their own. The Boppy is machine washable and you can choose from a variety of different covers. This is the product you'll bring to the hospital for delivery and then keep it at your side.


3.     Ergobaby 360 Baby Carrier

With all of these babies, I have tried every baby carrier, from the original Bjorn to the Boba wraps to the complicated slings that come in women's clothing sizes. I can promise that nothing works as well as the Ergo. The reason I love the Ergo is because it grows with your baby and you can share it with your partner. Most slings and wraps you purchase according to your body size which means it makes it hard to share. I also felt that the XS size which fit me, although I'm normally a small, didn’t fit my baby. I didn’t like the time it took to try to unravel the wraps and contort myself into position which is why I love the Ergo. It was one click around my waist and one on my upper back. The infant insert was just fine for my smaller babies as they quickly outgrew that and fit snuggly into the carrier. One unique feature to the Ergo is that you can wear it in the front, on the back or on the side and baby can face out or in which is perfect depending on the personality of your child. The sun shade is an added bonus for when you’re outside. Ergo is made for children up to 3 years although I can’t imagine carrying my three-year-old in a carrier. The Ergo is a comfortable and flexible new mom must have.


4.     The Baby Shusher


I registered for this with my 7th child not really knowing what to expect. I read Dr. Harvey Karp’s book, “The Happiest Baby on the Block” that describes the importance of the “shushing” noise that helps calms baby…and don’t you know, this Shusher worked amazingly well! I’ve had all sorts of baby sound machines before but this one allows for volume control that can be set LOUDER than the baby’s cry which is proven to help soothe. The rhythmic shush technique is designed to break a baby’s cry spell and mimics the sound of in utero blood flow. Whatever type of magic this pocket sized contraption performs, it’s worth the $31 for your sanity.


5.     Baby Trend’s Snap N Go Universal Car Seat Stroller


While most books and new mom lists focus on the importance of a good travel system, let me tell you why this $49.00 stroller ($62 for the double) will be your new best friend. I have a garage full of strollers….from the $1400 Bugaboo Donkey to the $150 Graco basic travel system and even though I use them all for different reasons, the Snap N Go is my go to, easy stroller for any occasion. The biggest benefit of this stroller is that you can fit ANY infant seat in it, ANY one…from your expensive Britax to the hand me down your mom may use when she cares for the baby. This stroller forms a travel system from any car seat you may have which is a huge asset if you have multiple car seats in your home. It also has a HUGE storage pouch underneath, much bigger than the storage areas of my most expensive strollers. You can fold it flat with one hand and its only 14 pounds, about half the weight of a standard travel system. As the wife of a pro athlete, I have spent the last nine years flying around the country and these are my preferred travel strollers. I have had my expensive strollers lost and broken during air travel and not only is the easiest to carry and manage, if it is damaged or lost, it’s not going to hurt as much as the higher end strollers. For twins, Baby Trend makes the Snap n Go Double Stroller and if you need a toddler seat plus the infant seat, try the Baby Trend Sit and Stand.  I HIGHLY recommend these for new moms, even if just for back up or for your care takers. This will eventually be a much needed solution to stroller issues…believe me, this happens.


6.     Honest Baby Products.



With a house full of babies, including a newly adopted African American child, we have every different type of skin in my family. I have a red head with porcelain skin, children who tan easily, a child who is allergic to everything and one that has eczema and hypersensitive reactions to any product or bug. Aside from prescription medications for some serious issues, which I try to avoid if I can, I love Honest products for their all natural ingredients. The diapers, which have the cutest boy and girl prints, are chlorine free and have citrus odor blockers in them to help assist in stink management. They also have a secure fit which I notice holds quite a bit more through the night than other brands. The wipes are plant based which I have found doesn’t irritate or dry out sensitive baby parts. Of all of Honest’s natural products, I really love the deet free BUG SPRAY, made of essential oils, the HEALING BALM which helps soothe dry, chafed or sensitive skin, and the MINERAL SUNSCREEN. I live on the water in Florida with seven children; we go through sunscreen like we do milk. I can promise that this sunscreen is one of the best! Its lightweight and non greasy so I don’t feel like I’m smearing thick paste all over my children. It’s made WITHOUT chemical sunscreens and only has non-Nano zinc oxide in it along with shea butter and coconut oil. We have had so many issues with our children and sunscreen so I’m happy to have found a product that works for all but doesn’t irritate their skin. Its water resistant for up to 80 minutes so make sure you reapply as you would with any other sunscreen. I don’t mind reapplying because I question what harsh chemicals I would be putting on my children’s skin that are powerful enough to block the sun for several hours.

One feature I love about Honest as a busy mom with five children under six years old, is their subscription and bundle services. You can save up to 40% by bundling their products together and you cancel at any time…what mom doesn’t like doorstep delivery, saving money and easy cancellation?? You can choose how you want to bundle the products or select from one of their pre-selected options. I get the Essentials Bundle where I choose from baby care and home cleaning products as well as the diaper bundle where I get four big packs of diapers and four packs of their plant based natural wipes for $79.95. This is such a great gift to yourself or a new mother but a greater gift for the safety of your sweet baby.

If you want to try Honest, click here to get $20 off your first bundle!!

*Jenny Reimold : Honest Company Ambassador