TheTop 10 Things You Never Knew You Needed From Amazon But Must Have!

I can’t even remember what my life was like before Amazon Prime. Did I actually go shopping for inflatable rainbow unicorn rafts? Did I test drive every vacuum cleaner in Sears rather than just read the reviews and hope for the best? When I needed 12 dodge balls for a party, Styrofoam planets for science projects or emoji poop slippers, did I actually spend hours driving around town to find them? Who knows but I don’t even want to remember the days where I couldn’t pretend to watch an entire two-hour dance recital without ordering holiday yard blow-ups in between numbers. In honor of Amazon Prime Day today, I have put together some of the greatest products and deals available on their site today…the TOP 10 THINGS YOU NEVER KNEW YOU NEEDED BUT MUST HAVE!

1.     Dyson V-6 Animal Cordless Vacuum

You’ve never really vacuumed until you have cleaned your floors with this little gem. If it’s not awesome enough that your vacuum is called the “animal,” then trust in my sister’s super OCD cleaning condition as this is her power vacuum of choice. The Dyson Animal is lightweight and cordless making hard to reach spots really easy to clean. The suction on this is powerful and with a swivel head, I can change the settings to go around the toilets in the bathroom or use the dusting attachment for baseboards. With seven children and a golden retriever, this mom gives the Animal two thumbs up.

2.     Amazon Alexa

What’s not to love about a little gadget that plays music on command, tells you the weather, places Amazon orders for you, lets you know if there’s traffic on your way to work or plays games with your kids?? Not only is the Amazon Echo Alexa super functional, she’s amazingly entertaining. My kids love the “Guess What Animal” game where they think of an animal and Alexa asks questions to figure it out. My teens and I like “Where in the World” or “Jeopardy” when we’re packing lunches or cleaning up from dinner. I don’t even have to download music anymore, I just ask Alexa to play what I want. I can tell her to make lists, order a pizza from Dominos, get an Uber and even turn on our coffee machine. Alexa is an entertaining functional assistant that not only can make your life easier, but makes it fun!

3.     Melissa and Doug toys

Give the ipads a break and stock up on some imaginative and creative toys for your kids designed by these parents of six. This is my favorite toy maker because I love that they have made wooden toys fun again…toys that encourage discovery play, boost brain development, encourage social interaction and teach children about the world. Some of my children’s favorite toys are the Scoop and Stack Ice Cream set, the Snacks and Sweets Food Cart and Buildings and Cars Nesting and Sorting Blocks. For an extra 20% off orders over $50, my blog followers can use code 20off at checkout.


4.     Travel Wise Packing Cube System

I have written about these before in my previous blog posts, Packing Hacks - Ways to Ease the Packing Panic and Surviving Air Travel with your Children. Whether you have kids or you don’t, these Travelwise bags will transform the way your travel. I keep outfits in the larger bags, socks and undies in medium bags and beauty products in smaller bags. I have a set and each one of my kids has a set in a different color. If you travel, you need these in your life. On sale for 22.95 on Prime from $50.

5.     MagicLight Blue Tooth Color Changing Lightbulbs

MagicLight Light bulbs that can change color from your phone?? Yes, please. We have used these for various parties especially during Halloween and Christmas. I set them to the aqua color in my girls’ mermaid room to make them feel like they are under the sea and we’ve made “tropical sunsets” in our kitchen for family dinner night. Functional and entertaining. Normally 79.95 but on Prime Day, $30. Winner.

6.     Sportstuff 1030 Adventure Stand Up Paddleboard…inflatable!

This is one of my favorite summer finds! We have two huge paddle boards that we got from a surf store that we love…the problem is, they’re so big, we can only use them behind our home. Our neighbor has this inflatable one and since its easily portable, they bring it to the beach, camping and on vacation. Paddle boarding is a great full body workout and with a weight limit of 250 pounds, you can add a second person or child. If you’ve always wanted to own one of these but don’t want to commit to outfitting your car with racks or the much higher price tag of the fiberglass boards, then try this one out. Bonus is that it comes with a paddle, fin, board leash, hand pump and removable seat if you want to sit and paddle. At 30% off today, it’s a great buy.

7.     James Jeans Slouchy Fit Boyfriend Shorts

I’ve raved about these shorts before!! They are so great, I own two pairs of these James jean shorts.. I originally bought these at Nordstrom and then bought the second pair on here when Nordstrom sold out. These are the perfect length for the active mom that has aged out of her Daisy Dukes but isn’t quite ready for knee length shorts. They have a nice stretch to them that doesn’t make them feel like stiff jean shorts…these are honestly my go-to spring and summer weekly shorts. For sizing, I wear a 26 which is the equivalent to a 4 and find they are very true to size.

8.     Tech 21 High Impact Phone Cases

I have five children under seven years old. My phone has been thrown into parking lots, dropped from a hotel balcony and dropped repeatedly on tile and hardwood floors and yet it has never cracked or broken. Slobber into ear piece ruining sound? Yes. Angry toddler chucking phone across the mall resulting in damage? No. Tech 21 cases are great for clumsy hands or angry toddlers.

9.     Obagi Vitamin C

This is my miracle skin serum in a bottle. Obagi Vitamin C has improved the quality of my skin, reduced the fine lines around my lips and helped my mask of pregnancy fade. I wrote a review on my blog, My 3 Must Have Daily Skin Products, that goes into detail about why I love this and what other two products I can’t live without.

10.  Neoflam 7 Piece PINK ceramic cook wear set

A quality set of PINK pots and pans? Do I even need to say why I am ordering this? I don’t think so. Only $125 from 189.99.