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Design Capsule : My Top 15 Essential Décor Elements for Every Season

There are 15 essential design items that I use year round….whether they are found in my own Property Brothers featured dream home, a magazine shoot or in a celebrity home, these are my interior design “must haves.” The majority of my design capsule items can be found on Amazon, at HomeGoods or in Pottery Barn as I try to affordably and stylishly design functional spaces for families. If you’re looking to redesign a space in your home or if you are just “stuck,” try combining a few of these items to refresh your space.

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My Laundry Room Makeover: Washing Clothes Under the Twinkle of Chandeliers

As the married mother of seven children, most of my days are spent in the kitchen or in the laundry room. In an effort to make this room more inviting and pleasing to be in, I decided to give this room a makeover. Why should any other room in our home be more beautiful than the room that I spend hours in each day? In redesigning my special space, I decided to infuse a bit of country with a bit of glamour to make matching the socks of seven children just a bit more tolerable.


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Decorative Storage Ideas from a Property Brothers Dream Home


“Practical storage pieces are great if you have a basement or garage space but when you actually live with them day in and day out, they should be beautiful to look at.” – Thom Filicia


As the mother of seven children, I couldn’t agree with this statement more! Our garage is filled with bikes, Power Wheels, a golf cart and holiday decor…and we don’t have a basement. Finding decorative and functional pieces to creatively hide the mess that is my family is always a challenge but my efforts were recently praised during the Property Brothers shoot at our home.

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Interior Design Victory : Decorating Tips from Our Family Home Featured on Property Brothers

The Property Brothers, Drew and Johnathan Scott, have posted on Instagram FROM MY COUCH! Drew played high five with my baby and Jonathan took selfies with my neighbors. Having an episode of Property Bothers filmed in our home has not only confirmed my love for all things Home Goods but it also warrants every seasonal throw pillow purchase from here to eternity. My husband can no longer question any home décor receipt because our home has now been featured as the “inspiration home” on one of America’s most popular interior design TV shows.

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