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Packing Hacks...5 Tips to Ease the Packing Panic

With a traveling resume that includes living in a city with no family and being the wife of a professional athlete with seven children, I’ve spent a good part of the last 15 years traveling with my children all over the country. Through trial and error, I’ve developed a non-fail packing system that is simple and organized. Follow these five simple tips to ease the packing pain.

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Surviving Air Travel with your Children

I have often said that I prefer childbirth to airline travel with my children. When you are flying with children, most people avoid you, some people hate you, sometimes you hate your kids and you rarely get to eat if you are trying to manage little mouths on the run. When you’re in labor, people want you to relax, they bring you food and everyone is willing to help a crying baby.

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Welcome to Mommy Mayhem!

Welcome to Mommy Mayhem! As a parenting survivalist and style voyager, my life with seven children is anything but ordinary or conventional. What once began as witty social media posts about my then life as a single mother ten years ago, has now blossomed to include my life as the wife of a professional baseball player, mother of seven and my attempt at keeping it all together with humor and style.

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