How to Turn Your Garage into a Stylish Wellness Space

How to Turn Your Garage into a Stylish Wellness Space

For the past year, I have set my alarm for 4am, worked out at 5am and would return home by 6am to begin the morning school routine for seven children. Although I found success in the fitness portion of that schedule, the physical strain along with monthly class cancellation fees when I couldn’t make it, left me mentally worn out. In an attempt to maintain my health and fitness goals while making this process more convenient and more available to my entire family, I created a stylish fitness space in one bay of our garage.

My husband is a recently retired Major League Baseball player, who for years, has been able to successfully work out in a garage filled with bikes, Power Wheels and Christmas decorations (before and after photos below.). I cannot do that. I need a serene space where I can escape the distractions of my family and focus on myself for one hour. After thinking of ways to make our garage feel more like a fitness studio, my three priorities were the walls, flooring and a divider that would create a space just for fitness, separate from holiday décor and go karts. With some paint, fabric and modular tiles, our once cluttered garage has become a stylish room dedicated to the health and fitness needs of our entire family. If you’re looking to create a garage gym or studio in your own home, these ideas may help your vision come to life.



Our transformation started with our cement floors. We used Haven Floors, the same modular, high performance, polyester tiles in all Pure Barre studios. You can either lay these adhesive backed tiles yourself or use their white glove service for installation. Haven tiles don’t mold or mildew and also are not slippery. You can drive car tires on them without damage and if you spill paint or ruin a tile, you can simply replace those tiles without resurfacing your entire garage. If you’re looking for the DIY project, you can order the tiles from Home Depot here. For the full service, you can mention Reimold for $100 off your order. 



Recovering our walls made all the difference in this space! We first used a geometric print wall paper to add style and light to the room. Any traditional / peel and stick wallpaper would be an easy way to transform your fitness space. (In Nashville, we used White Alligator Designs to hang this for us.) My husband then painted the cement cinder blocks black with a basic latex paint. 



As an alternative to the traditional unframed, gym wall mirror, I used three vertical, floor length, modern mirrors along the side wall for a more refined look.



We used a rod from and then I had a local seamstress just hem some fabric for quick curtain panels. I clipped the fabric onto these rings from Amazon. You could also use a stitch glue to make a quick hem and then just hang the fabric. 



PELOTON - Considering the needs of a mother of seven, a former professional athlete, two high school athletes and five younger children all in sports, our family gifted ourselves a Peloton Tread for Christmas. As a former fitness instructor, I can tell you that this one of the greatest workout programs I have used because it does it all. You can do Orange Theory style HIIT workouts with a combo of running/walking with weights. You can do strictly cardio or strength workouts but also do various yoga and stretching workouts at time intervals of your choice.

I always start with a 5 minute stretch, typically do a 45 minute bootcamp combo of running/weights and end with a 10 minute core program. My husband and teenage daughter also like the bootcamps while my teenage son prefers the strength. My younger children will follow us in yoga and stretching classes. What is nice about the Peloton app, is that you don’t need a bike or tread to do the workouts. I have traveled and done their non-equipment workouts in hotel rooms.

Infrared Sauna - To help with stress reduction, detoxification and cardio, we also added a Sunlighten Sauna to our gym. Creating a small space where I can relax and improve my health has been a welcomed addition to our wellness space. My husband and teenage son love this sauna for muscle recovery after workouts and I enjoy it following a workout for an immunity boost. Although it sounds too good to be true, infrared therapy also has shown that the energy delivered to cells helps reduce crow’s feet and wrinkles by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. Getting in an early morning workout and 20 minutes in the sauna before I start my day has transformed both my physical and emotional health.

(If you are interested in a Sunlighten Sauna, mention my name when you have your consultation for up to $600 off depending on which model you choose.)

YORK BARBELL – My husband played professional baseball for the Baltimore Orioles for nearly 10 years and used their squat racks, platforms and weight racks in the clubhouse and at home. These are delivered by freight and are an excellent resource for the more serious athlete.

BARRE – As a former barre instructor, this form of exercise transformed my body after babies. (You can read that journey here) I have a small barre on the side wall for days when I want to do those exercises or days when I need squat support.

ACCESSORIES – I added a small, cube storage unit for various gear like bands, sliders and towels. I also keep Clorox wipes in there to wipe down the equipment.

SOUND – Although the Peloton lets you chose your workout genre and playlist, we also added a Sonos speaker in the garage for days when we may not use the Peloton. We have these speakers all over our home and patio. 

Our garage was the most hated area of my home and now it is one of my favorites! I created a functional space that met the needs of our entire family …and our health is better for it. For more family friendly designs, visit my Instagram, @JennyReimold.

Photography by Shannon LeBlanc Photography and Evin Photography

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