Surviving the Odds of a Medical Mystery

You will never regret being kind. Sometimes it takes only one act of kindness to change a person's life so I write in the sincere hope that this blog post is read or shared by the right people to the right people to benefit the life of little Grayson Smith.  Grayson is a four-year-old boy born with an unknown medical condition that has required 24 brain surgeries and 34 surgeries collectively. Although he was only given days to live, Grayson has amazed the medical community with his continuous fight to be a happy and healthy child just like his siblings.

With an unknown diagnosis and confined to a wheelchair, Grayson’s needs are many and his care is tremendous. He often has monthly surgeries, medical appointments to control his seizures, monitor his feeding tube and care for his cranial and brain issues. His parents take him to physical and occupational therapies, specialists and educational consultants. Despite Grayson’s extensive special needs and treatments, his laughter, smile and positive attitude are contagious. He loves Adele, Kenny Chesney and Blake Shelton. Grayson has dreams of becoming a professional baseball player and loves to coach the Atlanta Braves from his couch. As the wife of a Major League Baseball player, I was able to recently schedule Grayson to attend a Braves game where he met his favorite player, Freddie Freeman. Grayson affectionately refers to him as "Freddy Frito," a nickname that quickly resonated through the clubhouse.

Grayson with "Freddy Frito," his favorite player. A special thanks to my dear friend, Braves pitcher, Kris Medlen, who arranged this day.

Grayson with "Freddy Frito," his favorite player. A special thanks to my dear friend, Braves pitcher, Kris Medlen, who arranged this day.

Unfortunately, I cannot do more but I can reach out to anyone who may hear Grayson’s story and feel compelled to help a family who has sacrificed everything to ensure their child lives one more day. The Smith family is faced with a huge financial burden to continue to provide for their son’s care. They were forced to short sell their home and move into a trailer, with no handicap accessibilty, to pay for Grayson’s medical bills and transportation to the numerous appointments across their state. Grayson cannot walk or crawl so being able to lift a 400-pound wheelchair into their trailer is crucial to his mobility. The Smiths have maxed out their credit cards to pay the monthly bills to simply keep electricity and water in their home. Grayson’s mother does not work in order to provide his 24-hour care and his father often takes off work for Grayson’s surgeries as they never know if that will be his last. Their vehicle is not equipped for a handicapped child, his wheelchair or their other three children.

I am praying that this letter falls into the right hands and is read or shared by anyone who can help. Ideally, the Smith family is in need of:

  • A handicapped accessible home spacious enough for Grayson’s special needs and equipment. The Smith family has land to build on in Alabama should they raise enough funds or come in contact with a builder who can help.

  • A wheelchair accessible mobility van

  • Funds to assist with Grayson’s medical care and equipment

I am a mother reaching out to help another mother. I know that any parent in this position would fight with all they had to ensure their child’s survival. Not only have the Smith’s sacrificed everything they have to fight for their son, their son’s face was cruelly used as an Internet meme that unfortunately went viral. Grayson’s mother had to fight off Internet bullies but sadly was unable to fight the monster of cyberspace. Their pain is so great yet they continue to fight on with hope and optimism as Grayson is scheduled for his 35th surgery to remove the screws and wires that are starting to protrude through his forehead. He will be starting pre-school in the fall…a joyous milestone that most said would never happen.

Grayson is an incredible child with an infectious smile and spirit. Any financial donation would be of great relief while the bigger needs of a wheelchair accessible home and vehicle would be life changing for this entire family.

Donations can be made via their page or directly to Grayson’s Medical Fund, Care of Bank of the Ozarks, 201 Maple Street, Carollton, Ga 30117. For any larger contribution, angel donation or fundraising ideas, please contact me directly at or 904-449-3358.

Thank you and God Bless,

Jenny Reimold

"Be the reason that someone believes in the goodness of people."